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4 Reasons You Should Use a Military Friendly Real Estate Agent

Aaron Thomas

Aaron’s passion for his kids and wife show in all he does...

Aaron’s passion for his kids and wife show in all he does...

May 3 3 minutes read

As a military member, your buying process looks a lot different than the average homebuyer. Your needs are unique and your timelines can be tight. In fact, according to a study by the National Association of Realtors, military members were more likely to use a real estate agent due to extra concerns.

The catch? Finding an agent to alleviate those concerns. Whether you decide to work with us or not, we're here to share 4 reasons you should use a military friendly real estate agent.

1. They understand your accelerated deadline

There's practically no time to buy a house, sell a house and move. They'll accommodate your strict time constraints and will dedicate the time and resources necessary to make it happen for you.

2. They'll help you take advantage of the benefits that are available to you

Military friendly agents are constantly educating themselves on the benefits that are available to you as a buyer or seller in the military. For example, The Aaron Thomas Home Team attended the American Warrior Real Estate Professional workshop. There is also a Military Relocation Professional certification from NAR. This type of education gives agents insight into your timelines, pay grades and benefits so they are able to better serve you.

3. Long distance relationships are their specialty

Military families relocate ten times more often than civilians (American Warrior Initiative) and more often than not, they're moving far away from where they're located now. This makes things like FaceTime, sending photos and videos and electronic documents crucial for a smooth, stress free experience.

4. The VA loan process isn't new to them

The VA loan process has several nuances that only an expert truly understands. There are special circumstances and documentation involved such as maximum loan amounts and the VA appraisal process.  Most importantly, your agent will have a trusted lender that they work closely with and who understands VA loans inside and out.

Asking the right questions to uncover your agent's experience is crucial. At the very least, if they check these 4 boxes, you'll be in good shape.

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