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Revitalize Your Outdoor Space: South Sound Edition

Aaron Thomas

Aaron’s passion for his kids and wife show in all he does...

Aaron’s passion for his kids and wife show in all he does...

Jun 24 1 minutes read

As the Pacific Northwest sheds its grey winter coat for the vibrant hues of summer, the appeal of outdoor living spaces in the South Puget Sound region takes center stage. Envision hosting barbecue parties, intimate gatherings, serene solo nights under the expansive sky, or simply enjoying a peaceful staycation—all from the comfort of your backyard. Beyond the immediate joy, these additions can significantly boost your property's market appeal.

Create a Cozy Outdoor Lounge

Transforming your backyard into an inviting lounge is akin to opening a new living area for the summer. In the South Puget Sound, where the weather oscillates between delightfully warm afternoons and cool evenings, selecting weather-resistant furniture is key. Opt for plush sofas and armchairs that resist the occasional rain, and enhance the setting with throws and pillows. A centerpiece fire pit not only serves as an anchor but also tackles the evening chill, providing a perfect setting for those Tacoma skyline views. Illumination is crucial; opt for string lights or lantern, casting a spell over your Olympia or Gig Harbor vista.

Design a Dining Area Al Fresco

Dining under the azure skies or a blanket of stars is one of summer's unmatched pleasures, especially with the South Sound's backdrop. A robust dining set that unites form and function is essential, accommodating everything from intimate family dinners to larger gatherings. Given the region's varied climate, a pergola or umbrella offers sanctuary from the midday sun while doubling as a canopy for twinkling lights or vinery. An outdoor rug brings indoor comfort to your Lacey or Steilacoom home's outer quarters, blurring the lines between the indoors and out.

Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

For the culinary enthusiast, an outdoor kitchen elevates the cooking experience. Start with a premium grill and work your way up to including a prep station, ensuring every utensil and ingredient has its place. Space permitting, a mini-fridge and sink significantly enhance functionality. Coupling this with a bar area not only streamlines serving but also cultivates a convivial atmosphere reminiscent of your favorite Puyallup or Dupont watering hole, inviting guests to linger longer.

Install a Backyard Theater

The South Puget Sound's clear summer nights beckon for outdoor cinema evenings. A simple setup involving a projector and screen transforms your backyard into a communal viewing area, with the region's temperate nights providing the perfect backdrop. To accommodate the diverse tastes of a Federal Way or Tumwater audience, ensure seating options range from laid-back bean bags to more structured lounge chairs. Mood lighting and an accessible snack station complete the picture for a night under the stars.

Add Water Features for Relaxation

Incorporating water features into your outdoor space introduces a tranquil element, vital for relaxation. A modest fountain or pond not only enriches the ambiance with its gentle soundtrack but also serves as a habitat for local fauna. For something more interactive, a hot tub or plunge pool becomes a focal point for both relaxation and social gatherings. Enhance these features with strategic seating and greenery to create a secluded escape within your Spanaway or Yelm residence.

Garden Games and Activities

Embedding games and activities into your garden layout promises endless summer entertainment. Classic lawn games, easily stored or assembled, offer amusement for all ages. For a more steadfast option, a bocce court or mini-golf setup invites both casual play and competitive spirit, fostering a community hub in your own backyard. A designated children's play area keeps the young ones engaged, ensuring every family member finds joy in your outdoor space.

Final Touches

Harmonizing your outdoor entertainment area involves attention to the finer details. In the South Puget Sound, plants and flowers that thrive in the local climate not only beautify but also simplify maintenance. Colorful outdoor rugs, cushions, and throws introduce vibrancy and comfort, while a high-quality outdoor sound system sets the mood. Solar-powered lighting solutions ensure your garden paths and focal points are both sustainably and effectively illuminated, offering a gentle nod to the Pacific Northwest's environmental ethos.

Incorporating these elements can transform your South Puget Sound home into an idyllic summer retreat, perfect for creating lasting memories with friends and family. Whether you're situated on the bustling streets of Tacoma or in the serene neighborhoods of Gig Harbor, a thoughtfully designed outdoor space ensures your summer is filled with joy, relaxation, and unparalleled entertainment.

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