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Refresh Your South Puget Sound Home This Spring

Aaron Thomas

Aaron’s passion for his kids and wife show in all he does...

Aaron’s passion for his kids and wife show in all he does...

Feb 21 1 minutes read

Embrace the Rejuvenation of Spring Cleaning

As the South Puget Sound region shakes off the winter chill, residents anticipate the bright blooms of rhododendrons and cherry blossoms signaling spring's arrival. It's the perfect time for homeowners in Tacoma, Olympia, and beyond to reenergize their living spaces with a thorough spring cleaning. Rather than dreading this seasonal tradition, we see it as an opportunity to invigorate our homes and lives. Let's jump into making spring cleaning an empowering task that’s as refreshing as the crisp Puget air.

Create a Tailored Cleaning Plan

To begin, assemble a checklist reflecting the unique features of our Pacific Northwest homes. Consider the alcoves where rain boots gather, the mudroom that’s withstood a winter’s worth of tracking in fir needles, and the windows that frame our majestic Mount Rainier views. Establish practical goals and spread your efforts across the longer daylight hours that grace our South Sound springtime.

Declutter with the South Sound Spirit

Channel the minimalist vibe that the Pacific Northwest is known for and declutter each room, one-by-one. As you do so, engage with our vibrant community by donating to local thrift stores like Tacoma's ReStyle for Ryther or Olympia's Thrift Store Benefiting The Olympia Union Gospel Mission. With fewer items crowding your space, every subsequent cleaning step becomes simpler, and your home more serene.

Stock Up on Eco-Friendly Supplies

The South Puget Sound is rich in natural beauty, from the waters of the Sound itself to the verdant parks in Puyallup. Mirror this respect for the environment by opting for green cleaning products. Make a quick trip to Marlene's Market & Deli in Federal Way or The Olympia Food Co-op for eco-conscious supplies that will leave your home spotless and safeguard our cherished local ecosystems.

Room-by-Room Approach

Focus on one room at a time, perhaps starting with those most impacted by the damp, coastal climate—think laundry rooms and basements. Addressing one space completely before moving to the next helps to avoid the inter-room clutter shuffle and echoes the calming, methodical tide of the Puget Sound waves.

Clean from the Top Down

Mimicking the descending rain, start from the ceilings and move down to the floors. Dust the shelves that may have collected trinkets from Olympia's Farmers Market or books from Tacoma's famous King's Books. Freshen up from the top and let the Pacific Northwest freshness sink into every corner of your home.

Don’t Skip the Nooks and Crannies

South Puget Sounders know the magic is in the details, whether it's in the artistry of Chihuly glass or the craftsmanship of a local woodworker. Apply this same attention to cleaning by tackling the often-overlooked areas. The satisfaction gained from clearing cobwebs in the garage or vacuuming behind the fridge is akin to finding a hidden gem in one of Auburn's antique shops.

Breathe Life into Soft Furnishings

Rugs and upholstery can hold onto dampness in our climate, so a thorough cleaning is essential. Take down curtains that have been shielding you from the short winter days and let the burgeoning sunlight stream in, untainted by dust. Allow the clean tang of saltwater air to permeate all soft furnishings, refreshing your home to match the renewed spirit of the season.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal

The allure of outdoor living is strong in the South Sound, where al fresco dining or enjoying a quiet moment on the porch swing is a beloved pastime. Prepare for these simple pleasures by cleaning up patios and decks, putting a shine on yard sculptures from Lakewood's Best of the Northwest shows, and tending to the lush greenery that our region is celebrated for.

Turn Cleaning Into a Community Event

Spring cleaning can be a household bonding experience. Share the workload with family members, assigning tasks like organizing a tool bench for the hands-on resident or refreshing the pet’s corner for younger helpers. Treat it as a time-honored South Sound ritual, uniting over a job well done, much like a community gathering at a Gig Harbor festival.

Reward Your Efforts, South Sound Style

Conclude your spring cleaning by celebrating with a local experience. Perhaps a hike in one of the many trails in our local parks like Point Defiance or a paddle on the Sound to witness the rejuvenated outdoors that mirror your home’s fresh feel. These iconic rewards will leave you with a sense of accomplished pride in both your personal space and the stunning area we call home.

Spring cleaning is a chance to reflect your pride in your home and your community. Embrace this season as an opportunity for renewal, both within your household and within the beautiful South Puget Sound region. Should your refreshed outlook lead you to consider a new residence or to place your current one on the market, Aaron Thomas Home Team is here to guide you with expertise and genuine local knowledge. Contact us today to embark on your next real estate adventure with a partner rooted in the community.

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